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Graphic courtesy of the estate of Alfred Winter
Photo courtesy of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Jews from the Riga Ghetto were told they were being relocated and were marched to Rumbula Forest. Here's what they left in the Riga Ghetto.


Riga Ghetto History
A history of Riga, Jews in Riga and particularly the Riga Ghetto at www.death-camps.org.

Riga Ghetto & Rumbula

Riga - Holocaust History and Photo of Ghetto Gate
Holocaust Learning Center - U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Description and Photos - Museum of Tolerance

 A Survivor's Memoir (book excerpt) - Alfred Winter

Jewish Survivors of Latvia
An organization of Jewish survivors of the holocaust in Latvia, based in New York and with members worldwide.

Resistance in Riga

Rumbula web site content that is not published elsewhere. Selma Metzger Winkler - Deportation from Germany to Riga
Selma Metzger was deported to the Riga Ghetto from Germany in December 1941. This is her account of the deportation, the ghetto and eventually Stutthof. It was transcribed from her notes by granddaughter, Miriam Feder (http://miriamfeder.com), and appears with her permission.

Rumbula web site content that is not published elsewhere. Correspondence and Bribes in the Riga Ghetto
A Personal Account
by Charlotte Opferman

Rumbula web site content that is not published elsewhere. Memories of a 13 year Old Boy - Michael Kor
The Riga Ghetto and Rumbula

Rumbula web site content that is not published elsewhere. Photo of Rauchvarger School Classmates in 1937 and their Fates in Riga.
Courtesy of George Mason, nephew of Rolf Mozeson who was a member of the Riga Ghetto resistance movement.

Rumbula web site content that is not published elsewhere. Gabriel Ziwjan, Escaped Riga Ghetto Jew - Report of 1942 to U.S. Counsul in Geneva, Switzerland
Mr. Ziwjan's report describes Riga in the period 1941-1942 , and also mentions Liepja, Daugavpils, Jekabpils. It was forwarded to Washington, D.C. and then largely forgotten. Posted here courtesy of Edward Anders.



867 names which appeared on 1942-43 work details and sick call lists.
These are Jewish men and women from Austria, Czechoslovakia and Germany, ages 14 to 72.



Entrance to the Riga ghetto. Riga, Latvia, 1941-1943.

Entrance gate to the Riga ghetto. This photograph was taken from outside the ghetto fence. Riga, Latvia, 1941-1943.

A sign, in both German and Latvian, warning that people attempting to cross the fence or to contact inhabitants of the Riga ghetto will be shot. Riga, Latvia, 1941-1943.

Jews from the Riga ghetto on the "Aryan" side of Riga. Some groups of Jews were taken outside the ghetto for forced labor. Riga, Latvia, between 1941 and 1943.

Jews from the Riga ghetto arrive at their forced-labor assignment in the Luftwaffe (German air force) field clothing depot. Riga, Latvia, 1942.



Deportation of Jews from Bielefeld to Riga, Latvia. Bielefeld, Germany, December 13, 1941.

Deportation of Jews to Riga, Latvia. Bielefeld, Germany, December 13, 1941.

Deportation of Jews to Riga, Latvia. Bielefeld, Germany, December 13, 1941.

German Jews from the town of Coesfeld are assembled for deportation to Riga, Latvia.

Jewish families with bundles of belongings during deportation from the Kovno ghetto to Riga in neighboring Latvia. Kovno, Lithuania, 1942.



Journey Into Terror (book description)
by Gertrude Schneider
February 28, 2001, Praeger, 232 pp, $24.95

 The Ghetto of Riga and Continuance - A Survivor's Memoir by Alfred Winter
    Includes Book Excerpt

Visas for Life:The Remarkable Story of Chiune and Yakiko Sugihara and the Rescue of More than 6,000 Jews
by Holocaust Oral History Project of San Francisco
October 1995, Holocaust Oral History Project. 64 pages. Paperback ISBN:0964899906

 The Nazis Arrive in Riga (chapter 3)
    Endless Miracles, by Jack Ratz, © 1998



89 minutes (2002 New York, Riga Latvia)
A documentary about the lives of two survivors of the Riga Ghetto who knew each other then and now: Steven Springfield of New York and Alexander Bergmann of Riga, Latvia.



The Holocaust in Latvia - Remembering Rumbula

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History of Jewish Latvia - Riga

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